PR card Renewal

Citizenship and Immigration Canada issues the Permanent Resident card and it acts as a valid identity document for persons traveling abroad and returning to Canada by car, boat, airline or any other means of commercial transportation. Hence, it is always advised to renew your Permanent Residence Card on time to avail its full advantage. Usual validity of the PR card is five years.

All new Permanent Residents receive their first PR card as a part of the Canada Immigration Process, since 2002. Hence, only timely renewals are required to be applied for with Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC), thus, such applications for PR renewal should be submitted prior to the expiry date.

Once your PR card renewal application form is submitted and received by the immigration officer, they will review your employment history, address and any tours made outside of Canada in order to ensure you meet the residency requirements (living in Canada 730 days within the past five years) for having your PR card renewed.

Once the entire renew process comes to an end and the PR card is renewed, applicants receive a mail with a notice to the regard that the new card is ready.

From the date of receiving the mail, you will get 180 days to pick up your new Canadian Permanent Resident Card.

There are myriad of legal steps and rules associated in PR card renewal, hence it is a process best undertaken under the guidance of Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants.

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Citizenship Applications

The next step to conquer your dream after becoming a Permanent Resident in Canada is to acquire the Canadian Citizenship to avail all the advantages offered to a Canadian citizen. The relaxed rules for obtaining the Canadian Citizenship were brought into effect on October 11, 2017, paving the way for the smooth processing of acquiring citizenship of Canada. The amendment relaxing the process of acquiring Canadian citizenship followed a surge of applications, requesting to obtain citizenship, which according to the government statistics, the number of Applications received for Canadian Citizenship within a week increased from an average of 3,653 to 17,500.

Being a permanent resident of Canada, you get an access to a myriad of the same resources that Canadian citizens enjoy, including, benefit from publicly funded school and healthcare, work location flexibilities and protection of Civil Liberties. Canada is an ideal designation for those who yearn for a better quality of life. The growing economy of Canada offers a plethora of opportunities to people from various and diverse industries, setting up the stage for them to broaden their horizons as well as to contribute to expand the economy through excelling their respective sectors.

The government had however, outlined several stipulations to be fulfilled in order to acquire the citizenship of Canada. Once you have satisfied all eligibility criterions, you can apply for your Canadian citizenship. Upon the applicant receiving a notice of confirmation from Citizenship and Immigration Canada, applicant shall start preperations to sit for the Canadian citizenship test.

Once the citizenship test is passed, the applicant will reach the final step of becoming a Canadian citizen which is the Canadian Citizenship Ceremony.

The entire Canadian Citizenship process is vexing and confusing, thus, it is highly recommended to seek the guidance and assistance of an experienced and reliable Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant.

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Visa Extensions

Canada is a country that embraces everyone irrespective of their caste and creed. The compassion, the opportunities, the beautiful landscapes, the sumptuous lifestyle and the high standard of living makes Canada a place with a perfect assortment of its rich urban culture and varied range of ethnic neighborhoods, urging the visitor to embrace Canada and never let it go.

A Canadian visa extension is for individuals who at the time of the application have valid status in the country. Those who are already in Canada and would like to extend their stay in Canada, shall apply for an extension of the Visa they already have been issued with.

The categories of persons who are eligible for Visa Extensions include:

  • 1. Study Permit holders
  • 2. Visitors to Canada
  • 3. Work Permit holders

The acceptance of request to extend visa depends on the following two important parameters:

  • 1. How thoroughly the applicants have followed the immigration rules during the stay.
  • 2. The case the individuals has put forward to justify their stay

Study Permit Extensions -

Before starting with the detailed process to extend student permit in Canada, it is important to note that an extension for a study visa should be applied for at least 3 - 4 months prior to the expiration of the prevailing student visa.

Work Visa Extension -

If you want to extend your stay in Canada, you will have to apply for an extension at least 30 days before the expiry date of the Work Visa you have at hand.

Visitor Visa extension -

If you want to continue visiting Canada, you will have to apply for an extension at least 30 days before the expiry date.

Your initial experience of applying and receiving a visa to reach Canada may be daunting, thus, you may be aware of the complexities involved in the visa process. It can be difficult to want to change employers, the institution of study or even extend your stay in the country. Hence, a helping- hand in the form of our efficient Immigration Consultants can direct you and make the entire transition smooth and successful. click here.

Restoring Status

If you ran out of your temporary permit to stay in Canada, then there is still one last chance to reframe the entire episode into a new permit. As per the Federal Law of Canada, under and in terms of Section 182 of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Regulations, if any visitor or worker or student looses their status, they can always reinstate or restore their status.

In order to apply for a restoration of status, the applicant must:

  • 1. Make an application within 90 days of having lost their status
  • 2. Be qualified with the basic requirement for the stay
  • 3. Not fail to comply with any other conditions.

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USA visitor visa

People from all over the world visit USA to explore its diverse culture, Hollywood, breathtaking wonders and a new way of life. USA also houses world - class medical facilities and shopping destinations. You are required to follow many steps when you are applying for a visa to visit USA visit visa, and the sequence of the steps may be somewhat differing based on the US Embassy or Consulate you are applying from.

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