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Dreaming of a better life, in Canada?? We, at Ardent Immigration will make your dream come TRUE!!!

Placed 4th in the ranking of OECD Better Life Index, 2020, Canada is considered a dream destination for most, who wish to acquire better standards of living, with their loved ones alongside.

Amongst the many Consultants providing related services, Ardent Immigration strives to deliver quality and efficient services, in all aspects relating to your applications, entrusted to us for processing.

Achievement of delivering maximum Client satisfaction had never posed a challenge to us, thanks to the experienced, reliable, efficient and friendly workforce we have at Ardent Immigration .

Why choose Ardent Immigration?

Applying for a Canadian visa, may it be for Permanent Residence, Work Visa or any other category, is best and most advisable to be presented for processing, accurate and flawless in the very first submission itself. This, is mainly due to the fact that, if the Application is rejected, it involves the risk of having a time constrain imposed by the Authorities for re-submission.

As the number of Applicants expecting the opportunity to migrate to Canada, is rapidly in the rise, the processing of Applications had become complexed and demanding. However, those outside Canada seek the support of Visa Consultants who does not have themselves registered with the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC), based within their homeland and entrust such consultants with processing the Applications for them.

The reason we emphasis that you choose a Registered Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC), as opposed to an unregistered visa consultant is in view of the fact that a RCIC acquires their qualification after a proper study on the processes relating to immigration and visa processing, followed by the expertise tested via a competitive examination.

Thus, a RCIC is always authorized and ready to deal with the Authorities at any point of time, if any concern may arise regarding your Application, upon being submitted for processing. A RCIC is eligible to inquire and make representations to the Authorities to get any issues clarified and continue the smooth processing of your Application, once submitted. This, however, is not the case who is not registered would not have much in his power. either to remedy an issue arisen regarding the application or in the event the application gets rejected.

Furthermore, the usual insecurity and risk involved with the payments made to an unregistered Visa Consultant does not lie with a RCIC, as the ICCRC keeps a close monitoring and check on all registered Consultants and the Applicants are given the opportunity to inquire into or make complaints about their RCIC, in the event an uncertainty relating to the performance of the RCIC may arise.

On a final note, we at Ardent Immigration, ensure to provide you with the friendliest, efficient, accurate and successful journey of processing your visa application, from your initial consultation with us, through the selection of the most suitable schemes and visa processes for you, till your application is accepted and you finally embark in wonderful Canada - your dream destination.

We hope you trust us to lead you in this journey for a better life and wish to see you very soon in Canada!!!

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